About Company


TMS OVERSEAS EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED is engaged in providing an efficient and rapid service to its customers. The company is specialized in trading of premium quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, the population is becoming more health conscious and demand for fruits and vegetables is on the rise. The company totally understands the requirements of the population. Therefore, with Tms overseas exim private Ltd, today most limited seasonal fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year from four corners of the world. Tms overseas exim private limited has the opportunity to work with a team of 8 dynamic and dedicated employees.

Our Major Export Countries

Our Mission


Maintain a good relationship with our loyal customers and suppliers. To maximize customer satisfaction. To provide the highest quality of produce. We aim not only to grow in size but also in terms of values.

Our Vision


To keep the population healthy by raising their awareness on the importance of good eating habits. To create a business with a win-win ideology.

Our Objectives


To become a market leader in the Supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. To ensure superior customer satisfaction through our relentless efforts towards betterment. We also look to innovate in our corporate management processes for an efficient service.p>

Our Strengths

Company Policy


TMS Overseas Exim Private Ltd works in accordance with the norms and standards recommended by Codex APEDA(Agricultural and Processed food and export development Authority) , and World Health Organization (WHO)) TMS Overseas Exim Private Limited strictly ensures that business affairs are conducted lawfully with honesty and integrity. We also adopt an ethical code of behaviour. This is applicable to employees at all locations owned, leased, managed, or operated by the company as well as all of the Company’s corporate director, officers, employees, agents and representatives.